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I have studied exclusively under Brooke Boon, founder of Holy Yoga and author of Hatha Yoga Illustrated. In addition to my 200 and 300 Hour, Master Yoga Teacher certification, I hold certifications in Yoga Therapeutics, Yoga Touch, and Yoga With Weights.


With a background in dance, I was naturally drawn to yoga. My yoga journey began in 1996 in a place that is very special to my heart and special to the practice of yoga, Ojai, California. For me, yoga is an immensely spiritual practice where my passion for movement and faith collide.


I thrive on community and love gathering people. I have hosted multiple Yoga Retreats and workshops here in Southern California.


I live in Irvine, California and have been married to my husband Chris, for 28 years. Together we have 3 children and love spending family time at the beach, riding bikes on the boardwalk, surfing, paddle-boarding and playing pickleball.

Tasha Anderson

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